Our Team

Founder – Larry Davidson
Tackle Inventor, Tournament Angler, Founder and former President of New England Bass Anglers Tournament Trial.

Founder/CEO – George Catuogno
After serving as President of Stentel for nearly three decades. George puts his extensive business development and leadership experience to work for Landum Outdoors.

Product & Media Strategy – Keith Alan
Media Exec (ESPN, NBC, A&E) and former B.A.S.S. Host with expert industry, product and marketing knowledge and a vast network of industry resources.

Marketing & Sales Strategy – Brad Nickel
Award winning sales and marketing strategist with nearly 3 decades of leadership experience with startups in the tech space

Our Story

Like many great inventors our Founder, Larry Davidson, didn’t plan to create a revolutionary product, he was simply trying to solve a problem. Larry was a tournament angler, frustrated by baits that were difficult to keep rigged properly. His intention was to design a hook that would hold the lure in the right position so it would would swim better. He ended up inventing a hook that would address that problem and solve an even bigger one.

Larry’s invention significantly reduced the amount of time he had to spend re-rigging his baits so it not only helped him make better lure presentations, it also helped him make more casts and land more fish than the guys he was competing against. Larry shared his prototypes with friends and fellow fishermen to see if they experienced the same results. Angler after angler experienced less time re-rigging and a significantly higher percentage of landed fish. The patented feature that Larry put into his first model not only solved the problem of keeping baits rigged properly, but it also made it harder for fish to throw the hook. The “Trapper Box” in the design has a series of angles that make it very difficult for a fish to overcome and escape. Larry knew he was on to something that every angler would love, a hook that helped lures perform better, increased angler efficiency and effectiveness and solved the age old problem of “the one that got away”.

Landum Outdoors is preparing to launch two strategically positioned brands at ICAST (July 2016) with cutting edge products steeped in innovation, quality and practical value for every level of angler. We will see the product lines and

the distribution channels scale horizontally, vertically and internationally over the next ten years.

The cornerstone of the business is Larry’s patented Trapper Hook which can be incorporated into an infinite number of hook styles and sizes and can also be incorporated into any number of hard baits. This not only enables the company to economize on the cost of hooks for it’s own lure designs, it positions them to establish partnerships and create additional revenue streams from supplying hooks to third party lure manufacturers. Landum will sell the hooks under the Trapper Tackle brand with an initial set of 19 SKUs.

When faced with the challenge of designing a new lure that would incorporate our Trapper hook and get the attention of the industry and angling public, our award winning lure design team developed a hybrid lure with patented features that position it to carve out a new product category in the $12.9 billion U.S. Sport Fishing market. In addition to being the first of it’s kind, reusable creature bait, our patented design includes a Variable Depth Control feature that allows the lure to be fished at the top, middle and bottom of the water column on any cast, without re-rigging. This unique feature offers the angler unprecedented versatility and the control to adapt to fishing situations as they present themselves.

Landum Outdoors, Trapper Tackle and HotFish Lures truly represent the evolution of fishing.

"Catch More Fish"

The design has helped me to compete at a higher level of fishing and be successful at it. It has helped me not only catch more fish, but also to cash some checks in tournaments.

Greg Buda Tournament Angler

"Nothing Short Of Amazing"

My experiences with the Trapper has been nothing short of amazing. I have never had a fish get off once hooked.

Kevin Bowman

"Hook-up Ratio Increased"

My hook-up ratio increased dramatically and I’ve yet to lose a fish I’ve hooked with a Trapper!

Michael Hatton

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